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First, Let me tell you something about me so that you know “WHO I AM” and “WHAT I HAVE DONE.”

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Amit Indoria has worked with both small & big brands in the industry and helped them achieve their goals.
Amit Indoria uses a tailored approach and Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy to raise the brands to new heights.


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Amit Indoria

Amit Indoria

Amit Indoria is a Digital Marketer with a twist! An engineer by vocation, his real passions lie in Digital Marketing and helping people to achieve great heights in their business.

Upon receiving advice from his family and friends, Amit entered his Engineering-student life in 2010. Despite struggles, he not only completed engineering; he also was hired by highly successful companies.

He also dabbled in the garment trading business for over 14 months. But his vision and mission did not seem to match his vocation. He quit and decided to focus on what mattered to him the most.

This was around the time when he heard about Digital Deepak and his 100-Day-Blogging- Course. While he had some ideas about blogging, he really needed directions. Procrastination and lack of inspiration did not allow him to finish the course. His focus shifted again and he began preparing for Government Bank Exams. While he liked it a little bit, it still did not strike a chord in his heart.

In 2020 when the pandemic took the world to its grips, Amit’s dreams were closer to coming true. Deepak, whose course Amit had already subscribed to, had launched another interesting course. Amit enrolled in the famous Digital Marketing Internship Programme. He bangs applying the lessons every day and started taking freelance work and becomes a Branding & Lead Generation expert, which stands as a testimony of his true passions!

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