How to do Real Estate Business on Instagram – 7 Tips


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over one billion active monthly users. It’s also a great tool for real estate agents who want to showcase their properties, build their brands, and generate leads. But how do you use Instagram effectively for your real estate business?


1. Create a memorable username and bio

Your username and bio are the first things that potential clients will see when they visit your Instagram page. They should reflect your professional brand and make you stand out from other real estate agents. Here are some tips for choosing a good username and bio:

  • Don’t include a brokerage name, as Instagram works best for building your personal brand
  • Keep it simple and easy to spell, using real estate-related words
  • Include your name, title, or location to differentiate yourself from other agents
  • Use keywords and hashtags that relate to your niche and target market
  • Add a link to your website or landing page where people can learn more about you and your services

For example, if your name is Jasmine and you specialize in luxury homes in Los Angeles, you could use a username like @realtygirlLA or @jasmine_luxuryhomes. Your bio could say something like “Jasmine | Luxury Real Estate Agent | LA | Helping you find your dream home in the City of Angels | #LAhomes #luxuryrealestate #realtor | Link in bio”.

2. Use local targeting Keywords & hashtags

One of the most effective strategies to engage with your target audience on Instagram is by employing local targeting and leveraging relevant hashtags.

By implementing local targeting, you can tailor your content to specific areas, including neighborhood guides, local events, market updates, and community features.
This approach allows you to attract individuals interested in purchasing or selling properties in your area while positioning yourself as a local authority.

Hashtags, marked with #, categorize and help discover content on Instagram. Opt for fewer but relevant hashtags. Use up to 30 per post. Incorporate hashtags related to your location, niche, industry, or keywords searched by your target audience. Boost readability by utilizing traction words.

Strive for a higher Flesch Reading Ease score. Restructure message: “Maximize post reach on Instagram with targeted hashtags. Opt for fewer, relevant ones related to your niche, industry, and location. Increase readability using traction words for better engagement.”

For example, if you are selling a condo in downtown Chicago, you could use hashtags like #chicagocondo #downtownliving #chicagorealestate #condoforsale #chicagorealtor #chicagohomes.

3. Use carousel ads and videos to show off your real estate properties

Instagram is a visual platform, so you need to use high-quality photos and videos to showcase your properties and catch people’s attention. One of the best ways to do this is to use carousel ads and videos.

Carousel ads are posts that contain multiple photos or videos that users can swipe through. They are great for showing off different features of a property, such as the exterior, interior, amenities, views, etc.

You can also add a call-to-action button that leads people to your website or landing page where they can learn more about the property or contact you.

Video is another powerful way to bring your properties to life on Instagram. You can use video to give virtual tours, highlight unique selling points, share testimonials, or tell stories about your properties.

You can also use Instagram Stories, Reels, or IGTV to create short or long-form videos that engage your audience.

For example, you could create a carousel ad that shows 10 photos of a stunning waterfront home that you are selling, with a button that says “Learn More”. You could also create a video that shows you walking through the property and explaining its features and benefits.

4. Leverage aspirational imagery and lifestyle & Real estate content

To maximize Instagram’s potential for real estate, utilize captivating visuals that evoke positive emotions and inspire viewers to envision themselves in your properties.

Showcase lifestyle content that seamlessly integrates your offerings into the desired lifestyle of your target audience. This approach enables a powerful connection with potential buyers and enhances engagement on the platform.

For example, if you sell luxury homes in Miami, you could use aspirational imagery that shows the beautiful views, architecture, design, and amenities of your properties.

You could also use lifestyle content that shows how your properties are close to the beach, nightlife, shopping, and entertainment.

The goal of using aspirational imagery and lifestyle content is to create a connection with your audience and make them want to work with you. You can also use captions, stories, or reels to add more personality and value to your content.

5. Create a separate real estate Instagram account

If you want to use Instagram for real estate, you should create a separate account for your business.

This way, you can keep your personal and professional lives separate and avoid confusing or alienating your followers. You can also optimize your business account for your real estate goals and use features that are not available on personal accounts.

Some of the benefits of creating a separate real estate Instagram account are:

  • You can switch to a business or creator account, which gives you access to analytics, insights, ads, shopping, and other tools
  • You can create a consistent and professional brand image that reflects your real estate niche and target market
  • post more frequently and strategically without annoying your friends and family
  • You can grow your following and engagement by connecting with other real estate professionals, influencers, and potential clients

To create a separate real estate Instagram account, you can either sign up with a different email address or phone number or add an account to your existing one.

You can then switch between accounts easily by tapping on your profile picture in the bottom right corner of the app.

6. Invest in Instagram Real Estate ads

Instagram ads are paid posts or stories that appear in users’ feeds or stories. They’re an effective way to expand your real estate services or property reach.

Utilize Instagram ads to target and engage potential customers interested in your offerings. Enhance your marketing strategy with impactful visuals and compelling content.

  • Increase brand awareness and recognition
  • Generate leads and inquiries
  • Drive traffic to your website or landing page
  • Promote your listings or open houses
  • Retarget people who have visited your website or engaged with your content

To create Instagram ads, you need to have a Facebook page and an Instagram business or creator account. You can then use the Facebook Ads Manager or the Instagram app to create and manage your ads.

You can choose from different objectives, formats, audiences, placements, budgets, and schedules for your ads.

For example, you could create an ad that shows a video of a property that you are selling, with a headline that says “Dream Home Alert” and a button that says “Contact Agent”.

You could target people who live in your area, have expressed interest in real estate, and have visited your website in the past 30 days.

7. Share content that’s engaging and diverse

The last tip for using Instagram for real estate is to share content that’s engaging and diverse.
Engaging content means that you use photos, videos, captions, stories, reels, IGTV, polls, stickers, questions, quizzes, and other features that encourage your followers to interact with you.

Diverse content means that you use different types of content that appeal to different segments of your audience.

For example, you could share content that:

  • Enlighten your audience about the ever-evolving real estate market, current trends, invaluable tips, and expert advice.
  • Engage and captivate your audience by providing entertainment through humor, captivating stories, and exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses.
  • Empower your audience with inspiring testimonials, compelling case studies, and remarkable success stories that showcase the potential of your real estate services.
  • Motivate and spur your audience to take action through irresistible calls to action, enticing offers, and enticing incentives that drive them to seize the opportunity.

Balance self-promotion and value. Experiment with formats. Find what works for you and your followers. Use traction words. Captivate and engage. Refine and connect.


Instagram is a powerful platform for real estate agents who want to boost their business online.

By following these seven tips, you can create a memorable username and bio, use local targeting and hashtags, use carousel ads and video to show off your properties, leverage aspirational imagery and lifestyle content, create a separate real estate Instagram account, invest in Instagram ads, and share content that’s engaging and diverse.

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